Staying Silent

Embracing my fear of staying silent.

One of the hardest things I’m realizing as I grow into a bigger KID is that I have to be silent, sometimes. I am a passionate person and an opinionated person and an individual who’s not afraid to say I don’t agree with you or that I feel XYZ type of way.

Usually, it ends me in good places. But, when it comes to things I’m passionate about…. sometimes I can come across as overzealous, intense, crazy, irrational, bitchy…. well the list can go on. And sometimes I screw up pretty darn good.

But being silent can do so much.

I am silent today, Day 22 of Year of Fear because I want nothing more than to say a lot of things and do a lot of things to prove myself. BUT…. my fear today – is to be silent and as the Beatles sang “Let it be.”

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