Closing my first chapter in Corporate America

It’s time to move onto new adventures.

In 2013 I was blessed to meet a man at a GACE career fair who saw my potential. He interviewed me for a position in a small software company called “Knighted” and to my surprise offered me a position before I graduated. Upon graduation from college, I wasted no time and started two days later.

We were a small company, with an even smaller group in Atlanta. There were five others in the office when I started but over the past 5 years, we have grown exponentially and became a part of Intelligrated and now Honeywell.

I have met phenomenal people and grown my network to include customers and co-workers. I have learned so much about life, corporate America, and interpersonal relationships; the ups and downs of being a small organization and the victories of growing to be a part of a HUGE corporation. I’ve had good days and bad days but overall I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

As of March 15th, I will no longer be working for Honeywell Intelligrated. I wish all my co-workers, past and present, the most successful future. I also can’t wait to watch Honeywell Intelligrated sore to new and great heights and become a global leader in the supply chain industry. Best of Luck!!

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