Starting a 12-week challenge

Starting March 18th, I will be hosting my first 12-week wellness challenge.

This challenge is open to anyone and everyone who desires to learn more and receive support through their wellness journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness guru or completely new, we’re going to explore multiple aspects of wellness, not just exercise and food.

This challenge is meant to provide resources and support to all participants because YOU can achieve whatever goal you set! We will also have an option to place bets on your goal(s) – you can bet money, progress photo being shared, anything that motivates you to work hard toward achieving success!!

This challenge is also going to serve as a means to help me get ready for Summer 2018! My personal goal is to feel confident and comfortable sporting an itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini… OK, maybe not yellow or polka dot! HAHA

During the 12 week challenge, we will mainly focus on the physical wellness, however, many participants will find the challenge helps expand their intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional wellness. The weekly topics are meant only as a guide to help us share and grow through conversation and activities.
Weekly Topics:

  1. Kick-off – What is Wellness? What are your goals and bets? Introductions!!
  2. Getting Started – Follow the provided meal plan, discuss current routine, learn about tracking food & the science of how your body processes food and how we lose fat.
  3. Create your own meal plan – Create a plan for week 4.
  4. Getting (more) active – discussion what activities you enjoy and explore new things. Test drive your personal plan and get support.
  5. Fail to Plan, Plan to faildiscuss how to plan smarter, not harder
  6. Create a routine – Discuss wellness routines that fit your life – meal planning and physical routines
  7. Rest Week – Free forum (user choice)
  8. Overall Wellness – All areas of wellness – where do you struggle? How did you do during rest week?
  9. Fad Diets & Quick Fixes – discuss why fad diets don’t last
  10. Reverse Dieting – What is it and why can it help you?
  11. Specialty Workouts – competitions, races, acrobatics and more
  12. How to keep succeeding – What you can do after the challenge ends

What you’ll receive:

  • Five recipes per week
  • Three workouts per week
  • Resources to expand your wellness knowledge
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Community support
  • Funny Meme’s 🙂

Based on ease of access, I am going to create a facebook group for this challenge for communication, support and documentation sharing. Register your details at the link below to join the journey! If you do not register I will not know to add you to the group!

Challenge Registration

Help me kick-off my first Wellness Challenge of 2018! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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