New Doors Open, Old Ones Knock

I want to start with the fact I find it comical that the Universe works the way it does!

Today has been a wonderful day, I finished my first day at my new job!

I started working for DataFinch Technologies as a Project Manager. I could not be happier with this transition and the team’s I’ll be working with!

I got outfitted with some awesome gear and learned new things about the software, the company and my new coworkers.

Starting a new job is part of my Year of Fear and I’m so blessed it was able to come to fruition so quickly into the year. This is part of YOF because this is only my second job (company) in my professional career. It was scary for me to quit working with people and for a company I’ve been with for the last five years. Not only that, but it’s a bit nerve racking to join a team where you know no-one and are not familiar with all the industry terms. Luckily, software management and project management can cross industries without too much change.

This year is about aligning my passions and values with the things I’m doing. DataFinch provides software that is used by clinicians in the ABA counseling field. I get to be a part of something that is directly helping and benefiting people! It’s a great feeling to know I’m a part of something that’s bettering individual lives!

But to the thing I find comical… this weekend I received the “knocking” on the doors I shut. The universe and people see, or feel, that you’re closing those doors and want nothing more than for them to be reopened, despite the fact you’re doing a million times better with them closed. It always seems when things are turning for the best the negatives and bad just want to pull you back down! BUT NO, not me, you can’t bring me back down!

I have amazing friends who are helping me celebrate this victory and I’m eternally grateful to be given such an amazing opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to a new company!

May you also align your heart and head and live a life you know is for YOUR best!

Always with love,


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