Commit – to get back up

Well heelllooooo!! (Think Mrs Doubtfire)

My life has gotten a bit “in the way” since January and Year of Fear has taken a back seat. I was medically cleared and then started my new job; as a side note, I’m loving my new job! BUT I’m refocusing myself on the things important to me and YOF18 is one of them!!!

Today I’m conquering a fear many of us have which is “getting back on the horse” or getting back up. Yesterday I found myself committing to a powerlifting coach and program yet not even thinking about Year of Fear and how this was something I had planned.

I must admit I was embarrassed I had to pause YOF in January, I felt like I failed. And then I was even more embarrassed recently when I found myself hardly posting at all, despite being able to do so. I was hesitant to re-attack my goal of YOF due to my own perceptions and ideas of what people would think and then the fear of possibly failing or “falling down” again. BUT — Year of Fear BITCHES!!!!

As many of you know, I’ve loved everything physically strenuous and active for a long time but I have been hesitating to commit to a coach and program. Well as mentioned, I finally pulled the trigger and asked a guy I’ve seen coaching at my gym for well over 2 years!

I’m excited for what this journey will bring! I have many lifting goals for myself over the next year and hope to share the successes and failures with you all!

I challenge you to re-focus on something you find important! No matter how many times you fall you get back up!! Like the quote says fall down 7 gets up 8!!!

Love always,


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