I speak therefore I create. And I create forgiveness and growth!

(There is a mixed definition, however, a linguistic specialist at MIT was quoted as stating it’s an Aramaic phrase meaning “I speak therefore I create” – meaning what I speak into this universe is created.)

Featured Photo – Alex Grey  – Laughing Man 1986


I’ve been going through a collection of challenges in 2018, some of which I’ve shared openly and some of which I’ve kept to my close circle. BUT, all of which are helping me to grow and become the woman I know I can be, and some parts I never fathomed.

Lately, I’ve been taking to the idea of living life in high vibration and positive thought – think of the book/movie/app “The Secret”. Meditating and utilizing the power of my thoughts to create my interpretation of reality.  The thing that has drawn me into this way of life is reviewing my past, present, and future and realizing that I have control over the way I interpret and perceive my reality.

I love the following quote: “Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lao Tzu, Frank Outlaw, Gautama Buddha and the father of Margaret Thatcher have all been credited for this quote.

What this quote says to me is that we create ourselves and our reality by our thoughts. On average, I believe, humans are said to have over 6000 thoughts per day. The reality is that some of them are not going to be great thoughts, some of them will be crappy. BUT that is part of being human, the real difference comes in your attitude.

When you embrace the world and strive to obtain the things you WANT rather than what you don’t want the world listens and life grows.

My brother used to always say to me “The Universe doesn’t understand the word don’t.” meaning if you think “I DON’T want selfish friends” – all it hears is “I want selfish friends.” You’re attracting the thing(s) you’re thinking about most. When you state you don’t want something you’re putting a lot of energy and time into thinking about that thing. You end up creating a world and reality where you’re focused on that, whether it’s good or bad. You’re unintentionally putting negative thoughts into your existence and world. Rather you could redirect them into I want balanced, giving friends and focus on those thoughts.

Now, that is just a random example but the same applies to any area of life.

As a part of Year of Fear, I’ve been trying to embrace this positive mindset and thought. Part of that is reconciling the negative things from my past. Some of them don’t ever need to be touched (meaning deal with it personally but never re-engage that person or thing), but others should be engaged and resolved.

Over the two past month, I’ve been working to identify the area’s of my life where I have allowed negativity to overtake and cause destruction in mine or another’s life.  I have called or met with friends or acquaintances that I have affected in a negative way, due to my actions, thoughts or otherwise. And I’m putting out healing thoughts and actions in order to grow my life and help heal the impact I’ve had on others.

It has been humbling to review and talk with people about this journey I call life.

Maybe you owe someone an apology or need to forgive someone…


Always with LOVE,


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