Today for Year of Fear I am working to organize a trash clean-up.

A podcast I listened to recently talked about procrastination and explained that often times procrastination is to our advantage. The reason is that often we are not yet aligned with that activity or event. By waiting we are allowing things outside of our direct control to come into alignment.

The example they gave on the podcast was a lady who was needed to book airline tickets. She kept putting it off and putting it off then randomly she had the random feeling it needed to get done then (at 10pm at night). Sure enough, she goes to book the tickets and they had just released roughly 8 new flights for the 10 she was trying to book. Had she attempted to book the flights previously, it would have not fallen into place.

Now, with that being said, I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay your bill that is due because you don’t “feel” aligned to pay it.

But in the instance of Year of Fear, I’ve not been “feeling” compelled to achieve many things lately. I’ve started a new job, I’m training hard for a Powerlifting meet (May 26) and I’ve been working on some other things for my wellbeing a spirituality, so my energy and alignment have not taken me to working on YOF.

However, today I felt a strong pull to begin working on organizing a trash clean-up. Sure enough, I emailed an organization I was recommended to talk with and a gentleman got back to me almost instantly.

So today, for YOF I am reaching out and working with others to organize a river/trash clean-up.

Between now and the official announcement, I’ll also be working on the organization I’m trying to start that will be dedicated to promoting conservation, recycling and helping to restore our waterways and ocean.

In the meantime check out this AMAZING organization called 4ocean.

They are working to clean-up the Ocean and beaches, which is so great, my goal is the take this effort inland and hopefully, help reduce waste/trash that ends up traveling to the Ocean. Remember all the trash on the roadway ends up in a river or waterway after it rains and those rivers lead to the ocean.

Today try to reduce your waste – opt out of the straw, take your reusable bags, recycle that paper. And here is a crazy one I do – take that K-cup apart when you’re done!! Dump the grounds in the trash and pull the filter out, then throw that Plastic cup in the recycle bin!!! – It takes about 15 seconds, maybe 5-8 once you practice LOL

Always with love,


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