Test your strength

Anyone who knows me knows that fitness has been a huge part of my life, forever! (I also LOVE food so it balances right?? HAHA)

I started working out with my Dad around 9 or 10 years old. He would emphasize the importance of daily workouts, and SWEATING!!! I can remember being about 11 and being told, “You’re not working hard enough, there is no sweat.” Now, this was coming from the man literally DRENCHED in sweat, and who also loved to give his kid “Sweaty Kisses” when we were smaller. (Don’t worry I carry on the tradition with my son!!)

But, at a young age, physical fitness became a part of who I am. And I have continued to place physical fitness as a top priority in my life, with the normal ebbs and flows of motivation/dedication. But with each year, I grow more and find myself trying new things to enhance the challenge.

This year I decided to try powerlifting. I’ve been dabbling in Crossfit and Weightlifting (competition movements — not just lifting weights) for the past 2 years and LOVE LOVE LOVE the challenge and joy it brings to my life.

Today for Year of Fear I registered for my first powerlifting meet.

Back in March my PR’s were 125lbs bench press, 190lbs squat, and 230 lbs deadlift. I plan to blow these PR’s out of the water and then train hard over the summer to prepare for my second meet!

If you’re in GA and want to come support me and my team on May 26th I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!!


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