Make your dreams a reality

I can hardly fathom the right words to describe the woman that I call “Grannie V?”

There are so many memories I want to share; moments of love, laughter, odd questions, absolutely baffling statements or events, motivation, care, inspiration and more.

My Grannie was something special!

Anyone who met her could tell you the same. She may have had some unconventional methods but everyone left an encounter with Cavita with a new perspective. Some may have walked away perplexed and overwhelmed that she would spread love so generously, that she cared about their life and goals, was willing to listen, share her experience, laugh with them, give them new ideas, challenge them to dream big and achieve even bigger. Or maybe they left simply knowing she was excited about the adventure of life and they should be too.

She left ripples where ever she went. Like a drop of water in the ocean, the effect could transform into waves.

I was the only granddaughter of Cavita and thus had a pre-defined “special” place in her heart. She was raised with two brothers and then was blessed with three sons. She had two grandsons born to her oldest and youngest son and then I came along, the only girl. Having a little granddaughter to entertain and play with was foreign territory for her. BUT, that never stopped her. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are with her and the fun things we did. Like, making clothes for Snowball the cat! 🙂 (anyone who met Snowball, I think our dress-up play made her so vicious HA HA) 

My Grannie was my biggest cheerleader! She constantly cheered me on and inspired me to push further than ever before. When no one else was there, she was. When I felt my world collapsing she reminded me that I was loved and that I could do whatever I dreamed of in life. She helped me through some of my darkest days and laughed and smiled with me on the best ones! She was MY amazing Grannie! I will dearly miss our weekend talks and random butt dials!

I love you FOREVER! 


I challenge you today – go to your desk, junk drawer, file system, whatever and pull out your life goals. Grannie would say, “Those are the things you will do in your life. If you have none, make some. If they are old, revise them. If they have been achieved, make new ones. Make good goals and go out into this wonderful world and be determined to make those things happen. I want you to be confident, I have done that.”

“Cavita Ruth Ebelt left this Earth to be with her Lord and Savior on June 26, 2018
Cavita was the only daughter with 2 older brothers born to Harrington & Blanche Smith April 3, 1934 in Houston Texas. Cavita was raised in rural Pasadena Texas and received her teaching degree from Texas Women’s University in home economics. Cavita taught in Houston for many years touching the lives of many young students. Cavita loved life, her family, her church, travel and fishing. She was able to travel the world with her best friend and fishing partner Earl Ebelt. Together they both fell in love with beautiful Alaska and traveled there often. Cavita believed in having life goals, a plan to achieve them and enjoying your life along the way.” 

In Lieu of flowers the family request donations be made to Deer Park Methodist Church or your own church in her name.
The Family invites everyone to celebrate Cavita’s life in a memorial service September, 22, at Addison Funeral Home 18630 Kuykendahl Road
Spring Texas 77379.


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