Goodbye Apartment

Time is all relative. A minute can seem like forever when you’re doing planks but like a flash of lightning when you’re with someone special.

It’s crazy to think I moved into my apartment four years ago with only my Dad and Mom helping me, oh and little Braydon too! I had all hand me down furniture from friends and family and a hodgepodge of random pretties I managed to string together to make “decor.”

Being honest, I lived in the apartment for four years because I feared the pain of moving. We all know the routine; you go on a crazy person dash looking at multiple places and try to remember all the differences. Then you cross your fingers that it’s still available when you apply. You get a bit of relief when you secure a place but as you pack you lose your mind. I mean, I don’t know about you but I know I have hair ties or that shirt that’s perfect to wear but good lord I have no idea what box I put it in!

Moving causes so much disorder; all my things are not in their places and those places don’t have their things and I feel CHAOS… Not only chaos but also insanity and nostalgia as the home is readied for “Move-out inspection.” Which, honestly reminds me of preparing for a Formal Inspection back in High School; except this time, I’m not hiding contraband in someone else’s room or car!! But, I’m still frantically cleaning the baseboards and washing ledges/corners that may have dust.

I wash away and say goodbye to many memories. The things that make it “my apartment.” The mark on the wall from measuring the little one, or the stain on the floor from spilling paint. Even the not so great things like texturing and painting the wall where I did my “needs improvement” patch job. All these moments and memories being painted over and left behind.

On Monday, July 16, I will hand over the keys to my apartment and officially add one more thing to the list that I’ve left behind in 2018!

Cheers to moving onward and upward and changing EVERYTHING!

Year of Fear!!




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