Tracy – Me

My name is Tracy Blount

I am more than my name, my title, my job or my family; I am me and I am a part of this world and hoping to leave a mark.

I was born in Misawa, Japan on Dec 2, 1989, to an F-16 fighter pilot and an at the time domestic goddess / Register Nurse. My parents moved back to the States in 1990 with my older brother and I and adjusted their lives and jobs to accommodate a family. We spent most of our time living in a small town – Granbury, Texas where I attended school from Kindergarten through Middle School.

I next went on to Roswell, New Mexico to attend boarding school at New Mexico Military Institue (NMMI). My hope was to obtain a better education and open doors that would not have been opened in Granbury. Well, the Universe laughed at my plan and I left the school in 2007 to join my parents in Georgia. I, being of the determined mind, quickly graduated from the local high school (in 3 months) and began college that fall.

During my college career, I took a year off to live in Seattle and also start a family of my own. My son, Braydon joined the world in 2011 and exponentially helped my determination grow stronger. I completed my Industrial Engineering degree with honors and even managed to join a top tier company in the supply chain industry before graduation.

I excelled in my field and found myself achieving my five-year goals in two. I somewhat lost focus after that and commenced what I jokingly called my quarter-life crisis. Over the next 2 years, I tried to determine what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and how I could get there. Finally, in 2017 I determined I would embark on a Year of Fear in hopes to push myself outside of my comfort zone and excel in ways I have been unable to before.

This website was created as part of Year of Fear and will be updated with new content at minimum once per week.


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