Welcome to M.A.Y. Wellness

I am not a certified anything, yet, except for awesome 🙂 but I have a lot of experience and knowledge from dieting and trying to be “fit” since age 10, so 18 years.

I have a passion for fitness and overall health! A co-worker once asked me while I was explaining macros why I didn’t go into the fitness industry because he could see the passion I had for the topic. I found myself then constantly confronted with that question “Why didn’t I go after something I was so passionate about?”

I personally love to read articles about health and fitness especially if they are science-backed so I have a wealth of knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I’ve also tried all the diets, fads and otherwise and learned what really works (for me) versus what is a complete waste and at times detrimental to your health.

In “My Story” I share my journey so that others can better understand where I’ve come from and hopefully let other women and men see similarities in their journeys and know that they’re not alone!

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