12 – Week Challenge

Welcome to my 12-week challenge we will official kick-off March 18, 2018.

But feel free to join until April 28th to still get 6-weeks of FUN

What you’ll get by signing up???
  • Five recipes per week
  • Three workouts per week
  • Resources to expand your wellness knowledge
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Community support
  • Funny Meme’s 🙂

Challenge Registration

Weekly Topics
    1. Kick-off – What is Wellness? What are your goals and bets? Introductions!!
    2. Getting Started – Follow the provided meal plan, discuss current routine, learn about tracking food & the science of how your body processes food and how we lose fat.
    3. Create your own meal plan – Create a plan for week 4.
    4. Getting (more) active – discussion what activities you enjoy and explore new things. Test drive your personal plan and get support.
    5. Fail to Plan, Plan to fail – discuss how to plan smarter, not harder
    6. Create a routine – Discuss wellness routines that fit your life – meal planning and physical routines
    7. Rest Week – Free forum (user choice)
    8. Overall Wellness –  All areas of wellness – where do you struggle? How did you do during rest week?
    9. Fad Diets & Quick Fixes – discuss why fad diets don’t last
    10. Reverse Dieting – What is it and why can it help you?
    11. Specialty Workouts – competitions, races, acrobatics and more
    12. How to keep succeeding –  What you can do after the challenge ends
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