My Story

I share my story not to gain sympathy or dwell on the past. I want to share so that, hopefully, one person can find similarities to their own journey or find inspiration. And maybe, just maybe I can help someone achieve their physcial goals in Wellness.

My physical journey really started around age 5 or 6 I started to realize I was bigger than most all of the other girls my age and it became more apparent as I grew older. I was always active – playing soccer from age 5 to 7, basketball from age 7 until I graduated High School, volleyball from 9 to current (if I can), softball here and there and swimming ALWAYS. I road my bike constantly to get to my friend’s houses or the neighborhood clubhouse to go swimming and was a constant go-go-go kid. My downfall was and has always been, food. I would eat to comfort myself when I was sad, mad, glad… really any emotion.

When I reached 5th grade I remember a girl taking a class poll (obviously without me) to determine who thought I was fat. It was devastating to learn about this but it did help motivate me to do something different. Within about 6 months I convinced my mom to let me join Weight Watchers and I was able to lose a good 15 to 20 pounds. Around this time my dad also started dragging (literally some days) to the neighborhood gym. My father really helped shaped my love for fitness and always staying active. (side note, he’s 60 and works out almost every day and can probably bench more than guys my age)

Through Middle School, I was active in sports and eating relatively decent foods but I still had the fat girl mentality. I started a boarding school for High School at age 14 and quickly found myself at my thinnest due to all the physical training. During my Sophmore year, I gained a lot of weight due to knee surgery but buckled down that summer and lost all the extra “baggage.”

When I graduated High School, a year early at 17, I was in my fitness mindset. I was that odd girl who was always going to the gym, always eating healthy, never drinking soda and overall living a relatively healthy life. I waxed and waned throughout college but never gaining more than about 10 pounds.

At 21 I got pregnant with my son and gained a whopping 70 pounds !!! I was able to lose 60 of those pounds but still felt “fat.” It didn’t help my partner at the time was constantly asking/telling me to lose weight and I started a bad habit of binging and purging. I soon left that relationship and found my comfort in food and alcohol.

The year I left I gained about 30 pounds. I can remember like it was yesterday, visiting my parents at Christmas and stepping on their scale to see a number I’d not seen since I was pregnant, I vowed to myself that I had had enough and I would never see that number again. So I started 2014 with a new attitude and motivation; it also helped my best friends and I planned a cruise for August and god forbid I showed up not as skinny as them!!

I buckled down and cut a lot of food from my diet and began focusing on whole foods and no gluten. I managed to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and felt amazing! I had tested positive for the Celiac anti-body during my physical so it further propelled me to keep gluten out of my diet.

Then… I met, what I thought, was my prince charming and my anti-gluten diet put a damper on our “fun” so in January of 2015 we sat down with a large Costco pizza and I cracked. Over the next year, I lost focus and got within 20 pounds of my highest pregnancy weight. Yea, you remember that vow (above) to never see that number again – well me being an overachiever I far surpassed that shocking number by 30 pounds…

When that relationship ended (the first time) I got myself in gear and refocused on eating healthy and cutting alcohol from my life. I lost about 30 pounds and felt like I was back on track. We then tried to reconcile and my focus went out the window, 15 of those 30 pounds came back and I dabbled around that threshold for the next year.

Now to present (Mar 2018): I’ve released that person from my life completely and I’m about 15 pounds down. I have the desire to drop an additional 30 pounds to get back to pre-prego weight.

I’m starting my MAY wellness journey with a 12-week challenge that I’m inviting anyone and everyone to join!

Share your journey below or join me March 18 for the 12- Week Challenge!!

Challenge Registration

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