I speak therefore I create. And I create forgiveness and growth!

(There is a mixed definition, however, a linguistic specialist at MIT was quoted as stating it’s an Aramaic phrase meaning “I speak therefore I create” – meaning what I speak into this universe is created.)

Featured Photo – Alex Grey  – Laughing Man 1986


I’ve been going through a collection of challenges in 2018, some of which I’ve shared openly and some of which I’ve kept to my close circle. BUT, all of which are helping me to grow and become the woman I know I can be, and some parts I never fathomed.

Lately, I’ve been taking to the idea of living life in high vibration and positive thought – think of the book/movie/app “The Secret”. Meditating and utilizing the power of my thoughts to create my interpretation of reality.  The thing that has drawn me into this way of life is reviewing my past, present, and future and realizing that I have control over the way I interpret and perceive my reality.

I love the following quote: “Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lao Tzu, Frank Outlaw, Gautama Buddha and the father of Margaret Thatcher have all been credited for this quote.

What this quote says to me is that we create ourselves and our reality by our thoughts. On average, I believe, humans are said to have over 6000 thoughts per day. The reality is that some of them are not going to be great thoughts, some of them will be crappy. BUT that is part of being human, the real difference comes in your attitude.

When you embrace the world and strive to obtain the things you WANT rather than what you don’t want the world listens and life grows.

My brother used to always say to me “The Universe doesn’t understand the word don’t.” meaning if you think “I DON’T want selfish friends” – all it hears is “I want selfish friends.” You’re attracting the thing(s) you’re thinking about most. When you state you don’t want something you’re putting a lot of energy and time into thinking about that thing. You end up creating a world and reality where you’re focused on that, whether it’s good or bad. You’re unintentionally putting negative thoughts into your existence and world. Rather you could redirect them into I want balanced, giving friends and focus on those thoughts.

Now, that is just a random example but the same applies to any area of life.

As a part of Year of Fear, I’ve been trying to embrace this positive mindset and thought. Part of that is reconciling the negative things from my past. Some of them don’t ever need to be touched (meaning deal with it personally but never re-engage that person or thing), but others should be engaged and resolved.

Over the two past month, I’ve been working to identify the area’s of my life where I have allowed negativity to overtake and cause destruction in mine or another’s life.  I have called or met with friends or acquaintances that I have affected in a negative way, due to my actions, thoughts or otherwise. And I’m putting out healing thoughts and actions in order to grow my life and help heal the impact I’ve had on others.

It has been humbling to review and talk with people about this journey I call life.

Maybe you owe someone an apology or need to forgive someone…


Always with LOVE,


Commit – to get back up

Well heelllooooo!! (Think Mrs Doubtfire)

My life has gotten a bit “in the way” since January and Year of Fear has taken a back seat. I was medically cleared and then started my new job; as a side note, I’m loving my new job! BUT I’m refocusing myself on the things important to me and YOF18 is one of them!!!

Today I’m conquering a fear many of us have which is “getting back on the horse” or getting back up. Yesterday I found myself committing to a powerlifting coach and program yet not even thinking about Year of Fear and how this was something I had planned.

I must admit I was embarrassed I had to pause YOF in January, I felt like I failed. And then I was even more embarrassed recently when I found myself hardly posting at all, despite being able to do so. I was hesitant to re-attack my goal of YOF due to my own perceptions and ideas of what people would think and then the fear of possibly failing or “falling down” again. BUT — Year of Fear BITCHES!!!!

As many of you know, I’ve loved everything physically strenuous and active for a long time but I have been hesitating to commit to a coach and program. Well as mentioned, I finally pulled the trigger and asked a guy I’ve seen coaching at my gym for well over 2 years!

I’m excited for what this journey will bring! I have many lifting goals for myself over the next year and hope to share the successes and failures with you all!

I challenge you to re-focus on something you find important! No matter how many times you fall you get back up!! Like the quote says fall down 7 gets up 8!!!

Love always,


New Doors Open, Old Ones Knock

I want to start with the fact I find it comical that the Universe works the way it does!

Today has been a wonderful day, I finished my first day at my new job!

I started working for DataFinch Technologies as a Project Manager. I could not be happier with this transition and the team’s I’ll be working with!

I got outfitted with some awesome gear and learned new things about the software, the company and my new coworkers.

Starting a new job is part of my Year of Fear and I’m so blessed it was able to come to fruition so quickly into the year. This is part of YOF because this is only my second job (company) in my professional career. It was scary for me to quit working with people and for a company I’ve been with for the last five years. Not only that, but it’s a bit nerve racking to join a team where you know no-one and are not familiar with all the industry terms. Luckily, software management and project management can cross industries without too much change.

This year is about aligning my passions and values with the things I’m doing. DataFinch provides software that is used by clinicians in the ABA counseling field. I get to be a part of something that is directly helping and benefiting people! It’s a great feeling to know I’m a part of something that’s bettering individual lives!

But to the thing I find comical… this weekend I received the “knocking” on the doors I shut. The universe and people see, or feel, that you’re closing those doors and want nothing more than for them to be reopened, despite the fact you’re doing a million times better with them closed. It always seems when things are turning for the best the negatives and bad just want to pull you back down! BUT NO, not me, you can’t bring me back down!

I have amazing friends who are helping me celebrate this victory and I’m eternally grateful to be given such an amazing opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to a new company!

May you also align your heart and head and live a life you know is for YOUR best!

Always with love,


Starting a 12-week challenge

Starting March 18th, I will be hosting my first 12-week wellness challenge.

This challenge is open to anyone and everyone who desires to learn more and receive support through their wellness journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness guru or completely new, we’re going to explore multiple aspects of wellness, not just exercise and food.

This challenge is meant to provide resources and support to all participants because YOU can achieve whatever goal you set! We will also have an option to place bets on your goal(s) – you can bet money, progress photo being shared, anything that motivates you to work hard toward achieving success!!

This challenge is also going to serve as a means to help me get ready for Summer 2018! My personal goal is to feel confident and comfortable sporting an itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini… OK, maybe not yellow or polka dot! HAHA

During the 12 week challenge, we will mainly focus on the physical wellness, however, many participants will find the challenge helps expand their intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional wellness. The weekly topics are meant only as a guide to help us share and grow through conversation and activities.
Weekly Topics:

  1. Kick-off – What is Wellness? What are your goals and bets? Introductions!!
  2. Getting Started – Follow the provided meal plan, discuss current routine, learn about tracking food & the science of how your body processes food and how we lose fat.
  3. Create your own meal plan – Create a plan for week 4.
  4. Getting (more) active – discussion what activities you enjoy and explore new things. Test drive your personal plan and get support.
  5. Fail to Plan, Plan to faildiscuss how to plan smarter, not harder
  6. Create a routine – Discuss wellness routines that fit your life – meal planning and physical routines
  7. Rest Week – Free forum (user choice)
  8. Overall Wellness – All areas of wellness – where do you struggle? How did you do during rest week?
  9. Fad Diets & Quick Fixes – discuss why fad diets don’t last
  10. Reverse Dieting – What is it and why can it help you?
  11. Specialty Workouts – competitions, races, acrobatics and more
  12. How to keep succeeding – What you can do after the challenge ends

What you’ll receive:

  • Five recipes per week
  • Three workouts per week
  • Resources to expand your wellness knowledge
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Community support
  • Funny Meme’s 🙂

Based on ease of access, I am going to create a facebook group for this challenge for communication, support and documentation sharing. Register your details at the link below to join the journey! If you do not register I will not know to add you to the group!

Challenge Registration

Help me kick-off my first Wellness Challenge of 2018! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Closing my first chapter in Corporate America

It’s time to move onto new adventures.

In 2013 I was blessed to meet a man at a GACE career fair who saw my potential. He interviewed me for a position in a small software company called “Knighted” and to my surprise offered me a position before I graduated. Upon graduation from college, I wasted no time and started two days later.

We were a small company, with an even smaller group in Atlanta. There were five others in the office when I started but over the past 5 years, we have grown exponentially and became a part of Intelligrated and now Honeywell.

I have met phenomenal people and grown my network to include customers and co-workers. I have learned so much about life, corporate America, and interpersonal relationships; the ups and downs of being a small organization and the victories of growing to be a part of a HUGE corporation. I’ve had good days and bad days but overall I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

As of March 15th, I will no longer be working for Honeywell Intelligrated. I wish all my co-workers, past and present, the most successful future. I also can’t wait to watch Honeywell Intelligrated sore to new and great heights and become a global leader in the supply chain industry. Best of Luck!!

Getting a Tattoo

In the past month, I’ve been absent from social media and focusing on myself and my son. Although I’ve not publicly documented any Year of Fear activities I’ve been embracing fear, anxiety, and uncomfortable events every day.

As my last post identified I ended a relationship that was toxic to both parties and then was faced with a medical issue that I was not caring for properly. I have been amazed at the love and support my friends and family have shown and I’ve also realized those that are incapable of supporting me.

I have evaluated my life and realigned my priorities to achieve happiness and success beyond current measure. I am excited and happy to embark on a new chapter of my life that has already provided abundant gifts and rewards.  

During these 32 days I have been focusing on recovering medically and spiritually. It has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. I have re-established my faith in MY Higher Power and I am already witnessing the amazing gifts he/she has for me.


The picture above is my first tattoo, which I got soon after I was discharged from the hospital.

For me, this tattoo signifies survival and acceptance. Trusting in the universe to direct me where I need to go and being able to sense the darkness that will cloud my world.

Jellyfish have been in existence for over 650 million years and are able to easily adapt to changes in climate. They have survived all five major extinction events in the earth’s past and have even contributed to modern medicine with Green fluorescent protein (GFP).

Jellyfish are simple, yet complex creatures they do not rely on gills, lungs or a heart like most animals and have limited swimming capabilities. They must rely on instincts for survival and the currents and winds to transport them.

The jellyfish symbolizes a trust in nature and the ocean to transport and provide for them.

I am re-embarking on Year of Fear with a trust in a greater power to guide me. I will not necessarily post every day but I have committed to publishing, at a minimum, one “Fear” each week, with a goal of publishing three.

Join me on my journey and share your journey and fears with me!


– Always with Love


Starting a New Chapter

Goodbye – relationship

There comes a point in our existence that we must Let Go.

Today, I let go of something I wanted to hold on to. I realized, the Universe was doing for me what I was incapable of doing. But I let go of something I was trying to hold onto.

I must note, I’m human, so I’m nowhere near perfect.  I have a lot of faults. Many of which I wish I could have realized earlier, but all of which will be tackled.

I learned today that I was placing bets on something that was a bad investment.

So I’ve now let go 100%.

There will never be another moment or thought about that adventure.

I’m eternally grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned.

May you appreciate what you have today, realize what you’re worth and live up to your potential!